with Irene Xander (Leadership Coach & Opera Singer)


  • are a dancer, singer, actor or musician and are tired of giving private lessons and know you have the talent to play in front of a big audience?
  • are frustrated that you don’t get the money for your art you deserve?
  • had a vision and lost it through giving up and playing small?
  • have been waiting for agencies to book you for the big stages and events, waiting for the people who would discover your talent?
  • have been wondering, what could be the missing link between your artistic talent and your success?

OR: You are frustrated from doing other jobs and putting your artistic career on hold, knowing that you have huge talent in it? And would looove to make it your main income?


OR: You are young and you made the decision to become an artist, but don’t want to end up to be a starving artist ?

This Masterclass gives you the power to be fully self expressed as an artist and a business person by creating YOUR OWN ARTISTIC BRAND!

It will awaken your curiosity and make you think and move in total new directions. The result will probably look different than everything you have ever seen or experienced from someone else. It will be YOU!

This is your chance to build your Dream Career!

You don’t want to be on the sidelines and wait for the permission of others and want to take your fate completely into your own hands?

Follow the calling of your HEARTS DESIRE and make it work by yourself.

I'm looking forward to working with you!

Irene Xander