Annual Intensive Program

Performing Artist Masterclass

Twelve Sundays of High End Business Masterclass for Performing Artists with 3 PUBLIC SHOWS.

This Masterclass offers the unique combination of expanding your artist personality on stage as well as business- and leadershiptraining to launch your own projects and generate the income that you desire. Only with the development of both aspects, a sustainable career is possible.

These days the profession of being a performing artist has changed tremendously. You are your own entrepreneur with vast possibilities to present and establish yourself on the music market.

Leadership gives you the Power to take your career completely in your own hands!

You can navigate and control your own success and are no longer dependent on agencies, conductors, organizers... whether they book you or not and what fees they offer you.

Learn the main principles of business and develop your perfect artist brand personality on stage.

“Performing Artists Transform into Brilliant Stars” will be the missing link in your career as a professional artist. It is the only program worldwide, that offers the focus on your artistic expression in combination with leadership-training. It will enable you to grow far beyond your present limits of success and live your genius to the fullest.


About Leadership

Performing Artist as Entrepreneur

In this high quality business education, you learn the fundamental skills necessary to owning and operating your OWN BUSINESS as an artist.


When it is time to perform, sell or negotiate, you will have the scripts and the information to present your services in a highly professional manner. Superior people skills make all the difference.


When you can engage people, you can achieve great prosperity over the span of your career. We use a unique coaching/ training model that contributes to an enthusiastic learning experience.


Here you will rehearse the patterns of communication and cooperative spirit that you need to succeed on the performing artist market worldwide.


What Irene Xander says about Business

"Because I was lucky to take part in a four year High Performance Leadership Education and there found mentors to teach me the business game in my thirties, I have been able to build a solid business for myself as a musician.

Everything I am teaching comes from my own experience as an artist to learn about the two columns "art and business" which are equally important. Often seen as two opposing topics, they are actually very similar:
Starting a business is like learning an instrument - that is why I support you step by step to learn design, project management, marketing and other important business skills. Through my guidance as an experienced coach, you will learn by contributing to others and be able to realize your own MUSICAL VISION as a team."

We are the first global masterclass to offer this essential combination of competences. Our positive approach will enhance your self esteem and inspire you to follow your calling.

We are DELIGHTED, that we are able to take part in the development and success of EACH OF YOU!

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12 Sunday's

Dates on request

IMPORTANT: This is an ongoing program! THE START is possible every month!

(2 dates can be missed in one year and put towards the end of your program.)



10am – 6pm



Performing Arts Academy

Brühler Landstr. 2,

50997 Köln, GERMANY



Age 20 and older: € 3.600 | Age 19 and younger: € 1.800

All prices incl. 19% MwSt.

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