What People Say

After working with Irene Xander

Christyna Kaczynski-Kozel

(Pupil of conductor Sergiu Celibidache, one of the great musicians of the 20th century)

"Knowing I had more potentiaI than I was using, I decided to take a Businessclass for Artists with Irene Xander and her team. After that, I realized my dream and started my unique business model: I moved to San Francisco to open my own musical center for pianists to give the art of “Musical Phenomenology” created by S. Celibidache to the next generations of musicians."

VIDEO - Practicing Musical Phenomenology

“We transcend the physical and technical aspects of sound, opening the door for a true musical experience.”

Dr. Max Keilbach

(Dr. of Economics at the Max Planck Institute of economics; http://swingdanceorchestra.de/member/die-skylarks)

"After joining a High Performance Leadershiptraining with Irene Xander in New York, I made the dream of my true desire become reality and founded the vocal quintet "Skylarks".
Meanwhile one of the best earning a capella groups in Germany. With Various CD productions and concert tours through Germany, Switzerland and Europe, we write an amazing story of success!"

Andrea Rodrigo DeMartino

(Designer and Apprentice)

"Fashion and modeling has always fascinated me, but I didn’t know, how I could actually make a career out of it. I really had no idea, what to do with my life...

After the Coaching with Irene Xander, I could now realize my dream and work in one of the most prestigious boutiques in Germany, Anja Gockel (www.anja-gockel.com), who has been elected “Designer of the year” in 2017 and worked with Heidi Klum. I am now 20 years old. The world of celebrities has suddenly become mine…. In Cannes at the Film Festival I even was invited to go with a filmproducer to LA,… yeah!"

Peter Vollmer

(German cabaret artist;


"I had worked hard for years already, trying to get recognition as a cabaret artist. That’s why I attended an “Artist Coachinggroup” with Irene Xander in Cologne, where I met my partner for life and also for business, Maria Vollmer (dancer and comedian) www.maria-vollmer.de.


Since then I have been on the course of success... half a dozen cabaret prices and a full calender. I am travelling through German, Switzerland and Europe with my program “Frauen verblühen, Männer verduften”. The press writes about “the cabaret demigod”, numerous books, like "Wer den inneren Schweinehund besiegen will, muss die Sau rauslassen: Ein Selbstoptimierungsversuch",..."